Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A party? For little old me? YAY!

A dear friend sent me a link to enter a contest giving away a catered party for 100 people by California Tortilla that was being put on for Cinco de Mayo. Since my birthday is the 4th of May I thought "wow that would be awesome".

Mind you I almost never win anything, except maybe poker and the race to get in the one bathroom in my house before anyone else in the morning. Hey, the early riser gets bathroom rights.

The contest was simple. Send an email to their marketing person telling them what wacky thing you would do to show what a big fan you are of their food. My entry was simple even though I didn't think it completely through until after I sent it in.

I would feed all the people in my office (packing a dinner filled leftover container first), then go out into the park across the street from where my office is (mind you this is 1 block from the white house and secret service are everywhere) dressed as a burrito and ringing a bell, head to toe covered in CalTort stickers and handing out the goodness that is CalTort.

Like I said, I didn't completely think it through.

Nevertheless, I got an email the next day that they liked my entry so much they are giving me a party for my office anyway as a "second place" type of prize.

I was shocked, totally, and immediately began salivating over free CalTort food. Best part is, I am not expected to dress like a burrito, although I will probably don a sombrero and poncho to say thanks.

So the party is set for May 6th. I'll post the photos and video once I get them from the great folks at CalTort.

Here is their menu, don't drool on your PC, it's harmful!

Buon appetito!
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