Friday, May 13, 2011

Golf anyone???

My husband is the type of person who is a natural at anything he attempts. Makes me proud, also annoys me to no end, mostly due to the fact that I have to consistently try over and over again to even begin to resemble a person who knows what they are doing.

He recently started playing golf again for several reasons: 1) it's the season and 2) his friends asked him to. It's that simple really. If he has the time, he'll do anything but house chores. Hey, if I had the time I'd be the same way.

On this latest golf outing the guys decided to play a round of golf, albeit a short round since it was a 9 hole course. I wished him well and off he went.

Once he had returned, after several hours, lots of sun and apparently a few beers wiser (or not), he gave me his prize golf ball from his round.

Then he proceeded to tell me that his game was "off". When I asked what he meant by "off" he responded that he "broke his ball".

Broke your ball??? What does that mean? Was this some type of expression for golf fanatics?

Nope...not even close to just an expression.

He whacked that sucker like an Italian hitman. And here was the proof.

So just in case you have ever wondered what's inside a golf ball... here you go.

Buon golfitito!
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